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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
(+44) 871.075.0336
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The Partners

Pro Capital Film Studios is owned and operated by 3 partners:

Pro Capital Film Studios brings a new element of prestige to the Dominican production industry thanks to our producers who bring their distribution agreements with large scale players like Netflix, AMC Theaters, TV One, BET, Universal, to name only a few. Their rigorousness and attention to detail is what makes this business flourish and succeed and it is what makes Pro Capital Film Studios the most special place in the Dominican Republic to produce your projects.

Ramon Maxwell

Chief Executive Officer

Louis Arriola

Chairman & Majority Partner

Tristan Desechenes

Director Of Operations
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Images are better then words

Script Doctor

In a world of stories that have already been told, the most important thing is the way in which an author can be original, even if he tells the same thing. It is our goal to cure the weaknesses of the script encomended to us. Turning it into the original guide of a story told many times.

Let your story grow, develop and reach levels beyond your personal limits, with a universal touch. We offer review services, analysis and script correction. We guarantee confidentiality and efficiency throughout the process in the hands of our team of highly trained, willing and open minded script writers.


Our commercial kitchen has a permanent staff always ready to serve you and capable of serving the most demanding client as well as your larger shooting days with over 300 people on set. We are used to serving movie clients and we know how complicated schedules can be and how important punctuality is in the middle of a shoot. We offer a catering service adapted to the needs of the industry and everything else; tents of various sizes, folding tables, chairs, cutlery, sheffing dish, waiters, etc … In case of projects outside of Santo Domingo, we have created satellite kitchens on several occasions capable of solving the most intense shootings wherever they are made.


A good casting is essential and we always make sure we find the best actors for your requirement within your budget. We have access to all national and international stars as well as an immense book of high caliber local actors in search of their opportunity and available on any occasion.

We handle all types of casting projects including the most difficult, we have successfully completed several projects with more than a thousand extras and complex transportation logistics. Our expertise allows us to guarantee your success. To choose us is to choose the best.


Our location search and set management team has a wide portfolio of beautiful natural places and interior studios throughout the country. We are always willing to find the best spaces and provide them at the best price.

3D titles and Image Composition

Our 3D image and title composition service has ultra-fast computers for minimal rendering time. Our composition experts can solve all your green/blue screen problems, shot compositions, muzzle flashes, basic 2D compound explosions, etc.

Our 3D title department can solve all your title needs, logos presentations, introductions, basic or complex credit animations and everything you need to decorate your work to your liking.


Others make promises, we deliver.

Our work is always of award winning quality and our awards list is the real time proof of our promise: Quality always, without compromise.

What We Do

We offer a complete Video Post process with sophisticated editing and coloring equipment and a highly trained staff with modern facilities in a central location. We offer services for any type of editing: movies, short films, music videos, commercials, infomercials and other videos.

The execution of everything established in a good preproduction is essential. One thing goes hand in hand with the other. We have a seasoned production team and a crew of technicians with real on-set experience and modern and sophisticated equipment: Cameras / Lights / Lenses / Dolly / Steady Cam / Cranes / Car Mounts / Drones / Booms / Lavaliers / Video Assist / Data Load. Everything you may need to make your project and a technical staff with an unlimited artistic vision, ready to make your ideas a reality whatever it be.

A movie’s preproduction is the process that ensures that your project complies with the parameters established at the artistic level, budget and dramatic execution. Undoubtedly, it is the most important of the three production processes because it is necessary that it be absolutely accurate for the sake of the entire project. If it is not perfect, everything else staggers and the project is submerged in complications with an inevitable headache that does not allow you to carry out the successful conclusion of your film. With Pro Capital Film Studios you can forget about headaches. We do the whole process of preproduction at all levels: breakdown of the script, preparation of the filming plan, legal management, presentation folder for DGCINE, preparation and search of the appropriate cast for the project (Casting), locations, hiring of technical staff Adequate, planning and production design, everything you need to be fully prepared at the time of filming.


Here are some of our regular customers, we hope you will give us the change to add your company name to this list for your next project.